Street Marketing


The Street as a Venue

Miln Street: Dundee’s Creative Destination

In conjunction with Street Study: Miln Street

Following the proposals of Street Study: Miln Street a further identity and ‘brand’ has been developed to allow the street to promote itself as a venue, intending to encourage use of the street and attract the public and visitors to the area. This gives Miln Street an identity beyond its physical features and allows it to be promoted through various platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. An events calendar has also been developed to ensure consistent use of the street through events and festivals, providing opportunities for the street to develop and become an attraction and ‘destination’ within Dundee.

Through branding, marketing and the use of graphic design and visuals, communication is heightened. Making it easy, simple and clear to the public what is going on and where, this stimulates interest, attraction and a unique identity to Miln Street.

Welcome to Miln Street! Dundee’s Creative Destination.

4-Fold Leaflet Example

4-Fold Leaflet Example (1).gif

See branding for Miln Street event: Activism - Creative Digital Festival