Identifying Streets

Identifying issues and the streets that can contribute to change.

In conjunction with Street Study: Miln Street & Street Marketing

This article identifies streets and areas within Dundee with potential for change.


The creative industries in Dundee form a vibrant and active community within the city with Creative Dundee at its core. The role of the creative sector is fundamental to the generation of cultural activity in the city bringing huge value to the growing social and economic sustainability. The city has many creative attractions, including the V&A Dundee, Dundee Contemporary Arts and McManus Galleries, and facilities such as Wasps Studios, Vision and Generator Projects. The West Ward Works proposal is also set to develop a new creative ‘arts hub’ within the city.

Comments and suggestions from UNESCO City of Design Co-Design Workshop October 2018

Comments and suggestions from UNESCO City of Design Co-Design Workshop October 2018

Dundee has also been awarded UNESCO City of Design, one of 31 cities in the world and the only city of design in the UK - a prestigious title to say the least!

Despite this, it is clear that the creative sector in Dundee is still actively underground, not visible to the general public and inclusive of the creative sector. The faculties in the city are contained within large buildings that are not publicly accessible or visible from the street. There is a lack of space to showcase and retail the works of local artists and designers, with the DCA only able to promote a limited number and the V&A being targeted at a global audience.

With this, could it be suggested that the city itself is promoted as an exhibition space - allowing the creative industries to occupy space, streets and squares throughout the city.


Utilising the creative sector for the occupation of ‘left over’ urban space & streets to make SMALL CHANGES WITH BIG URBAN AGENDAS.

Urban Agendas:

  1. Showcase Dundee’s vibrant creative sector.

  2. Stimulate interest and public engagement with the creative industries.

  3. Encourage public/community collaboration & engagement.

  4. Temporary occupation to generate permanent interest.

  5. Stimulate cultural economic growth.

  6. Lives up to the title; DUNDEE CITY OF DESIGN

To do this, authorities must allow for ease of access to procedures. The StreetWorks platform intends to develop to bridge the gap between public, designers and authorities - aiding the accessibility to the planning system and generating simpler ways to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

The image below has identified streets and spaces within Dundee that have the potential to be developed with the concept of ‘Disperse Urban Gallery.’

Live project Perth Road - Places for Everyone, is currently ongoing and taking place both online via Commonplace and through initial design charrette events.

Case Study Street Study: Miln Street has been developed as a case study for potential change within the Blackness area. The study demonstrates suggested ideas and actions that can be used and adapted elsewhere throughout the city.

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