Utilising the Creative Sector to Stimulate Economic Growth in Blackness

Masters of Architecture with Urban Planning

UP51007 - Statutory Planning

University of Dundee

November 2019

Dundee is currently experiencing a transformation. From being named the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design to the opening of the V&A Museum, Dundee has found itself growing into an in-vogue destination for cultural visitors and institutions alike. However, as successful as this developing identity has been at attracting tourists, the city must ensure that it does not forget its past. The following report studies the potential of the Blackness area; an area within throwing distance of Dundee city centre; and proposes a regeneration strategy and vision for 2050 by utilising the existing vibrant creative scene within the city.


Greg Dommett

Jack Dempster

Tokini Kent

Rebecca Foy

Read resulting design project —> Street Study: Miln Street, Dundee