WestPort Pilot


Westport Pilot is a collaboration between Rebecca Foy & Tristan Rabaeijis in designing and proposing the reconfiguration of West Port as a more habitable public space.

View the existing condition of West Port here.

This proposal is hypothetical, however steps have been taken as if it were live. The proposal aims to raise awareness and has the potential to have long term positive impact on the area.

A temporary intervention has been envisioned in order to test the potential first phase of the 2050 vision. It is intended to run a short term event that would involve road closure between Temple Lane and Park Place. Below is an artistic representation of the proposed event.

Westport Proposal_Street Market_1to200_A3_2 (1).jpg

Unfortunately, this proposal is no longer active. However, full procedures and meeting minutes of the development of the project can be seen throughout Urban Conversations

A suggested event ‘Rec-Fest’ has been developed and branded as an example of an event that could take place in West Port.

Should this proposal be feasible in future, documentation and surrounding businesses support has been saved and is available to pick up at any time.

Coming Soon! - Found Materials: Parklet.