Retaining the industrial character and language throughout new street developments.

The clear problems in the area are of its perception; with regards to safety, car dominant and ultimately a dead-zone for activity with many vacant and abandoned existing industrial buildings.

The heritage and industrial character of the area are of significant strength to the distinction of Blackness which should be drawn out, utilised, celebrated and promoted as a key part of developing the street. The Verdant Works is an excellent opportunity to attract visitors for heritage purposes; however, this should be utilised and be of continuation throughout the street. For example, a history/heritage trail or ways of engagement with the history of the area could be occupied throughout the length of the street. This will allow the past to be present in the contemporary new and future developments and activities within the street.

Existing industrial buildings should be occupied, maintained and enhanced to ensure their character is preserved. Occupation should be of flexible means to suit the interior of the existing buildings.

Rebecca FoyComment