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Engagement with the heritage of the area to be inclusive of the historic narrative and preserve identity throughout contemporary interventions.

The heritage and industrial character of the area are of significant strength to the distinction of Blackness which should be drawn out, utilised, celebrated and promoted as a key part of developing the street. The Verdant Works is an excellent opportunity to attract visitors for heritage purposes; however, this should be utilised and be of continuation throughout the street. For example, a history/heritage trail or ways of engagement with the history of the area could be occupied throughout the length of the street. This will allow the past to be present in the contemporary new and future developments and activities.

The street will become an exhibition of its immediate heritage. Fronting on to the street is Verdant Works - an old textile mill - and West Ward Works - the old print-works. Jute and journalism occupied the area for many years during the industrial period. Reminisces of this time and these practices should be incorporated into the street. This could be in the form of sign posts, exhibition cabinets, street art, drain covers, lighting and street furniture.


West ward works

Opened for four days during the Dundee Design Festival 2017.

Glasgow Architects McGinley Bell have prepared proposal for its renovation as an ‘arts hub.’ See full article here. Should this go forward, this could act as a catalyst for the regeneration of Miln Street and the surrounding area.

Verdant Works

A refurbished mill, centrally located on Miln Street and within the Blackness area. The Verdant Works exhibits the ‘story of Dundee’s industrial textile heritage.’ Utilisation of this existing asset will allow for Miln Street to become an exhibition and showcase of the cities unique heritage and culture.


Similarly, the Superkilen, Copenhagen (as discussed in Landscaping) acts as an urban exhibition. Exhibiting a collection of global found objects that come the 60 (approx) different nationalities of the people inhabiting the surrounding area. The collection ranges from exercise equipment from muscle beach in LA to swage dreains from Isreal, pal trees from China and neon signs from Qatar and Russia.

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