Creating a coherent creative initiative throughout the street with arts, design and culture and the forefront of development and intervention.

Usage & Occupation Principles

  1. Locally and independently run businesses & establishments.

  2. Creative driven agenda.

  3. Publicly accessible & engaging.

  4. Street/Digital community participation.

  5. Provided collaborative opportunities with creative industries.

Miln Street should be open to all creative and cultural/recreational uses. Festivals and larger cultural/creative/heritage events are encouraged to use the street as a venue.

It is encouraged that external space may be occupied by temporary/pop up structures and installations and specific street furniture to accompany internal units. Larger installations and structures should adhere to specific locations as indicated. All installations should be accessible and follow health and safety guidelines. Installations must be approved by street community group before construction to avoid cross-overs etc. External exhibitions and art work are recommended.

Internal/Street units fronting onto the street should accommodate social/cultural/creative activity and/or allow for exhibition space/creative integration. Each unit must assist in accommodating events happening within the street and allow access if/when necessary. Ground floor units should be publicly accessible (exceptions may be considered within reason).

Occupation of existing vacant external space. “Film Square” proposal.

Occupation of existing vacant external space. “Film Square” proposal.

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